Reggie Miller Clowns Spike Lee for Leaving Knicks Game Early (Video)


Did Spike Lee “Do The Right Thing” by leaving his beloved New York Knicks series ending loss to the Atlanta Hawks early? Hall of Fame Sniper, All-Time Knicks villain and now the TNT NBA broadcaster Reggie Miller seems to think he did, as he clowned Spike Lee for basically saying F*ck it i’m out well before giving the over achieving Knicks a final season ending send off which would be expected out of the #1 Knicks fan.

Reggie Miller wasn’t the only one that gave Spike Lee the business, social media did so too.

Since it’s throwback Thursday let’s take a trip down memory lane to May 7th, 1995 where the origin of the Reggie Miller and Spike Lee’s little back and forth began where Reggie Miller dropped 8 points in 9 seconds to steal game 1 of the 1995 Eastern Conference Semifinals where the Pacers went on to win the series in 7 games.

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