Kawhi Leonard New Balance Billboard A Warning Shot to the Golden State Warriors

No F’s given is what Kawhi Leonard and New Balance has dished out to the Golden State Warriors, The Bay Area, and their fanbase as they placed a New Balance Billboard near The Oracle Arena, with Kawhi looking like his usual humble self with the text “The King of The North is Coming.”

Kawhi Leonard was all business after Toronto’s Game four, 105-92 win giving them a strangled hold of the NBA finals going up 3-1. He stated “It’s not over yet, It doesn’t matter until you get that fourth win.”

Since Leonard left Nike/Jordan Brand for New Balance after Nike wasn’t showing the love that Kawhi deserved, I have to say New Balance has done some pretty outstanding work with Kawhi thus far, from his signature line to his whole “Mr Fun Guy” and the “King of the North (KOTN) brand campaign, its looking more and more that NB is a perfect fit for Kawhi.

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