Balance of Power Shift? Anthony Davis Traded To The Lakers

Well Damn! Not even 48 hours after our beloved Toronto Raptors took home the Larry O’Brien there seems to have been a balance of power shift as Superstar Power Forward Anthony Davis will be teaming up with Lebron James next season as he has just been traded to the Lakers. New Orleans receives both Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Jason Hart, Lakers 2019 fourth pick overall, and three future first round picks for Davis. I feel the Lakers gave up way too much when you factor that Southern California was always Davis’s #1, coupled with the fact that he was going to become an unrestricted free agent next summer, forcing the Pelicans to look to get something in return in a haste, and every other team not bothering to offer much or even include themselves in the Anthony Davis sweepstakes as they knew he was gonna bolt for LA anyway next year.

I bet Lonzo Ball and his father Lavar Ball will be feeling a little salty as their act will now be moving from the glitz and glamour of LA to now the alligator infested Bayou. This is going to get very interesting, stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on “Balance of Power Shift? Anthony Davis Traded To The Lakers

    • Hey Dolphins, do you think Masai Ujiri is gonna come back with this same roster, or do you think he has something else up his sleeve again this off-season?

    • Hey Dolphin,
      Great minds think alike. I was suggesting to a friend of mine the other day that Kris Middleton would be a great addition to the squad. He’s a restricted FA not sure much the Bucks wanna give him, but if he’s available the Raptors front office should consider him.

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