Fred VanVleet on if Kawhi Leonard leaves: We’ll Have To Kick His Ass (Video)

No “F’s” given on Fred VanVleet’s part if Kawhi Leonard leaves as he stated that if he does bolt the “6ix” for say “LaLa” land “We’ll have to kick his ass”.

Kawhi Leonard’s brand has never been this hot nor will it ever be this high in another market outside of Canada. His accomplishments with with the Spurs that included winning an NBA title and Finals MVP back in 2014 by knocking off a Miami Heat squad that included a prime Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh went largely unnoticed compared to the treatment that he’s currently receiving as he’s captivated an entire country with this historical playoff run. I’m sure his biggest endorser thus far New Balance is in his ear trying to convince him to stay here up north as many young Canadian basketball fans will be asking Mom and Dad for a pair of his Kawhi Leonard  OMN1S signature shoe. The kids wont be lining up for them in any other market outside of Canada thats for damn sure.

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