Shaquille O’Neal: The Clippers need to trade Paul George

Shaquille O’Neal was talking on his “The big podcast with Shaq” for an episode that aired on Wednesday. In the episode, the hosts talked about the Clippers, and that’s when “The Diesel” eluded to the Clippers needing to trade Paul George.

“They have to get rid of someone,” Shaq said, referring to Paul George. Shaq continued:

“You gotta use [George] to get two good, solid players. Because I need Kawhi to be the man. I don’t want Kawhi to delegate. When Kawhi was with Toronto, he knew he was the man, everybody knew he was the man. Now you got one guy that thinks he’s the man, one guy that is the man. They got a guy coming off the bench that knows he’s the man.

“It may look good in certain games, but when you need to slow the game down and do certain things, it never works.”

The Clippers mortgaged their future by trading Danilo Gallinari, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and half a dozen draft picks to get George from the Thunder to lure Kawhi to “LaLa Land” and to say adios to the Raptors just weeks after winning the title. Kawhi made it clear that he wanted to pair up with Paul George aka “Pandemic P”, but if in fact the Clippers dump Paul George after one season, that included blowing a 3-1 lead to the Denver Nuggets in the playoffs coupled with firing their head coach Doc Rivers, this wouldn’t be much of a surprise as the Clippers have been a joke of a franchise for the better part of the last three decades, so there’s no new thing under the sun with the Los Angeles Clippers.

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