Kwame Got NEXT! Kwame Brown Calls out Black Media Personalities for perpetuating the tearing down of black people


Retired NBA player and the 2001 #1 Draft pick Kwame Brown is one of the hottest trending figures on the web over the last two weeks. For the last twenty years you rarely heard Brown speak, but for those two decades this man has taken so much criticism from various media pundits perceived notion of him being a “bust”, the criticism has been visceral to say the least, as the criticism extends to him not just being falsely referenced as a failure on the court, but failing as a person. For the two decades that Kwame Brown put up with the bullshit and “coonery” from Black media personalities, I applaud him for unleashing his fury after being quiet for so long, there’s no way I would’ve been able to stay silent for that lengthy amount of time, but over the last two weeks Brown has single handedly put the media industry on notice, especially black media figueres who’ve been guilty for perpetuating the tearing down of black people.

Let’s get you up to speed with what these clowns had to say about him, how we got here, and in how Kwame dug into his inner Ice Cube self by dropping bombs on these fools that hit as hard as Cube’s classic diss track “No Vaseline”.


“All That Smoke” Podcast featuring Stephen Jackson & Matt Barnes

As I mentioned above Kwame Brown has been minding his own business, living a quiet life until Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes aka “Becky with the Good Hair” decided to “poke the bear” by running their mouths on a 39-year-old who had a lengthy and fruitful 12 year NBA career where he pocketed $64 million along the way, not including endorsements.

Stephen Jackson aka “Fake Black Activist” According to Kwame Brown

Jackson, and Barnes called Brown a “man child,” a “show pony” and that he never lived up to expectations, which isn’t exactly breaking news for those who have basic NBA knowledge. Needless to say, Brown stood up for himself and tore their asses a new one.

Via TMZ:

“I’mma give you feminine n****as what you been asking for. You n****s been talkin’ a lot, saying a lot of things you don’t know what the f*** you talkin’ about.

“Y’all get on the internet and y’all report things that make no goddamn sense. I grew up in an era where you don’t play with grown-ass men, and I think both of you two gentlemen know, personally, that I’m a grown-ass man.

Matt Barnes aka “Becky With The Good Hair” According to Kwame Brown

“It’s okay to have an opinion, but it’s another thing to do what you guys are doing and then be in my face. Stephen Jackson — we was teammates and I seen you crying every time Charles Oakley ’bout to slap the s*** out you, so I KNOW you.

“You really an embarrassment, and I’ve been trying to stay quiet on you n****s, but I understand why they give people like you money and give people like you a platform because they want you to continue tricking these kids.”

Brown wasn’t done with these clowns.

“Change your podcast. The new podcast is ‘these n****s want some of the goddamn smoke’ because I want all the smoke and Jack, your sensitive ass, you know that.” Kwame says he was so much of a bust that he put his mom into a house on a golf course at 18. And the story checks out. Joyce Brown lived in that house on a course in Brunswick, Georgia until her death in 2009.



*Update* Stephen Jackson challenged and threatened to roll up on Kwame Brown as he was making his way to the Atlanta area near where Kwame Brown resides. His stupid ass later apologized for that reckless stunt on his Instagram. “Becky with the Good Hair” Matt Barnes really hasn’t had anything of substance to say.


“Ms doin too much” Jemele Hill 

Jemele Hill decided to step in the arena with Kwame Brown, her tweet of accusing him as being violent during his media onslaught, didn’t sit well with Kwame.


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Jemele Hill can no longer hide behind her “Black Activism” vale and still talk shit about black people. Her black ass got checked by Kwame, she fooled her last employer ESPN for years with that shit before getting fired, but now KB exposed and humbled her ass.


“The Coon and Snitch” Stephen A Smith 

Stephen A Smith’s public degradation of Kwame Brown has been going on for nearly two decades. This clown has even gone on College speaking engagements to students throughout America, dedicating an entire engagement on ridiculing Kwame Brown, and then making a 8 minute Kwame Brown blooper reel of all his misplays, to validate to his stupid self that KB was not a talented player. This coon has made a living tearing down black men, and he’s played the “Uncle Tom” on the plantation role very well, but there comes a point that the chickens will eventually come home to roost, and coming home to roost they most certainly are, as KB has put Stephen A Smith’s coon-ass on front street for the whole world to see.


“The Rat” Charlemagne the God

Breakfast Club’s Radio Host Lenard Larry McKelvey, known professionally as Charlamagne tha God, just might be the biggest offender of “Coonery” in the media industry. This clown decided to go into details of KB’s personal life involving his family that had no business being aired out. Kwame doubled down on CTG by bringing up his arrest and conviction for allegedly having forced intercourse with a 15 year old that was under the influence of drugs when he was 22 while hosting a party. The public backlash that CTG received from all of this led to him waving the white flag by apologizing to Kwame Brown and giving himself “The Donkey of the day”.

Nevertheless, CTG’s apology was rightfully rejected by Kwame Brown, as CTG’s employer (Massa) probably demanded that he apologizes with the hopes of Kwame putting the fire out.


I guess the cease and dismiss order that CTG and his legal team sent to Kwame Brown to keep his mouth shut, pertaining to CTG drugging up and than having sexual intercourse with a 15-year-old girl (allegedly) didn’t pan-out. Nevertheless these clowns instantly gave the former #1 pick a platform that has millions tuning in including myself, and rightfully so, as KB is using his platform for the greater good especially when it comes to exposing the shit out of the media coupled with giving back to kids that are growing up in challenging economic conditions comparable to what he grew up in, by creating various empowering programs for the youth. Keep giving these clowns your “Mama’s Cookin” KB!



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