Kawhi Leonard’s LA Clippers Contract Allows for an Early Exit

Now that Kawhi Leonard has officially packed his bags and left the “6ix” in favour of his hometown by joining the LA Clippers, interesting enough, and contrary to early reports that he signed a four year contract worth $143 million,”Mr Fun Guy” used a little wisdom by allowing for an early exit in his contract coupled with knowing that the LA Clippers has a historical track record for being a shitty franchise, he in fact inked a three year deal worth $103 million where he can opt out after two years. What does this mean? With the West being stacked this upcoming season and possibly stacked for the next 3-4 seasons I don’t see the Clippers getting to the Finals while Kawhi is in a Clippers uniform. Especially when their neighbours across the hall way, the LA Lakers featuring Lebron, Anthony Davis, Demarcus Cousins etc. are primed and ready to make a championship run this upcoming season. It’s not going to be easy for “Mr Fun Guy” achieving the same success he had up here, which could see him in another jersey in the Summer of 2021.

Do you think Kawhi Leonard will be on the move once again in 2021? Go ahead and share your thoughts below.

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One thought on “Kawhi Leonard’s LA Clippers Contract Allows for an Early Exit

  1. He will be on the move in 2021. All business. Lakers will be a contender for the championship, clippers too but I see them like Houston. Almost but not quite there

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