Zaddy Boy: Kwame Brown questions Stephen A Smith’s Blackness (Video)

Son of “Zaddy”

Kwame Brown clearly wasn’t buying Stephen A. Smith and his donning of a HBCU jacket on ESPN’s “First Take” in an attempt to validate his so-called blackness and his allegiance to black people, while KB over the last two weeks has single handedly exposed various black media personalities including Stephen A. Smith for their continued “coonery” of using their platform to tear down black people.

Stephen A. Smith must have taken a page from Willie Lynch’s playbook as his track record of playing the buck-dancing “Uncle Tom” role of tearing down black athletes not only extends to Kwame Brown, but to Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Marshawn Lynch, Russell Westbrook, and more for being mentally weak and ignoring that they are human that have their challenges like each and everyone of us.

Last week after Kwame told Stephen A. Smith how his words and college tours negatively affected his mother, his family, and his pockets, how did Stephen A.”The Snitch” respond? Not with empathy, but by showing Kwame’s lowlights and not calling him by the name his deceased mother gave him.  


Kwame Brown’s fury on the various black media Minstrel Show personalities for their continued tearing down of black people has been more entertaining than this year’s NBA playoffs, and it’s safe to say that that more of “Mama’s Cookin” is on its way, stay tuned…..





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