Kwame Brown Interviews Craig Hodges | Ex Michael Jordan Teammate (Video)

3x NBA Three-Point Champ Craig Hodges

Kwame Brown brought out some more of his “Momma’s Cookin” last night by catching up with Craig Hodges in an interview that touched on his NBA career, activism, oppression of minorities, and the media’s degradation of black people that is being led by the “King Coon” of the media industry ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith.

If your not old enough to know who Craig Hodges was and what he was all about, let me put you on some game “youngin”. Before there was Colin Kaepernick there was Craig Hodges, who like Kaepernick was “black-balled” by the league for using his NBA platform for the standing up and speaking out against racism and the oppression of black people in America.

Craig Hodges in 1992 during the Bulls Championship White House visit. This is where his NBA Banishment began.

Craig Hodges made a name for himself for being one of the deadliest shooters from distance ever! He was a 3x NBA Three-Point Champ (1990, 1991, 1992) and teamed up with Michael Jordan winning back to back titles with the Chicago Bulls (1991,1992). But all hell broke loose when Craig Hodges disrupted “Massa’s” plantation by using his NBA platform to highlight the continued oppression that black people were and still dealing with, as at the time this was at the height of the LAPD and their caught on-camera beat down of Rodney King that led to the 1992 LA Riots.

NBA commissioner (plantation owner) David Stern and his henchman (fellow NBA owners and executives) wasn’t having it when the Chicago Bulls visited the White House after winning the 1992 NBA Championship, Hodges dressed in a dashiki delivered a hand-written letter addressed to then President George H. W. Bush, expressing his discontent at the administration’s treatment of the poor and minorities. He even spoke out against racism in the NBA, and across America, and criticised his teammate Michael Jordan for failing to address the judicial injustice towards Rodney King. This led to Craig Hodges being blackballed by the NBA, and twenty-five days after winning their second title the Chicago Bulls informed Hodges who was 32 years-old at the time that they wouldn’t be resigning him, although still in his prime not a single NBA team offered him a contract.

Craig Hodges with Kwame Brown, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers squad in 2006

In the years after being black-balled by the NBA, Craig Hodges went on to carve out a fruitful career playing overseas, and even came back to the NBA as a LA Lakers assistant coach, coaching up Kobe Bryant and Kwame Brown, and winning two more titles with the Lakers as a coach, and to this day Craig Hodges works tirelessly with his continued activism work.


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