D-Bag Alert: Raptors Kyle Lowry shoved by Warriors Owner (Video)

The Raptors game 3 NBA finals 123-109 win over the Warriors on Wednesday night was overshadowed by a privileged “D-bag” Golden State Warriors fan who for no apparent reason angrily shoved Toronto Raptors star guard Kyle Lowry. Ironically enough the fan in question is a Warriors minority owner and Venture Capitalist named Mark Stevens. I guess he felt his net worth of 2.8 billion dollars and his ownership gives him the right to be an asshole. Unfortunately it seems his punishment was a slap on the wrist as he won’t be allowed to attend any Warriors games for the next 12 months along with being fined 500K which amounts to very little for a guy that’s worth nearly 3 billion dollars.

The NBA dropped the ball with this one, you think Kyle Lowry would’ve received the same treatment if it was the other way around? Obviously not! How about banning this POS from attending NBA games for LIFE! Coupled with being forced to sell and relinquish his ownership stake of the Warriors.

Fox Sports Journalist Colin Cowherd shared my sentiments on his latest episode of “The Herd”

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