The North has Spoken! Toronto Raptors 2019 NBA Champions

Damn right The North has spoken! As it was fitting that my prediction the Raptors in 6ix came to fruition. These Finals had to have been one of the more drama filled Finals in quite sometime on and off the court. Beginning with Kevin Durant on whether he was going to play or not, than he does comes back to play in game 5 only to then suffer a catastrophic ACL injury that’s going to sideline him for at least a year. The decision to give KD a clean bill of

Kevin Durant suffers a torn ACL injury

health by Golden State team doctors and management hasn’t gone without controversy either.

Drake trolling Steph Curry by wearing his dad’s (Dell Curry) Raptors Jersey

Kyle Lowry reacting to Golden State Warriors owner Mark Davis for pushing him for no reason.

Than you had the sideline antics of Drake that was beyond entertaining, however Drake’s antics were nothing compared to asshole POS Golden State Warriors partial owner Mark Stevens  who thought with his privilege he could put his hands on Kyle Lowry only to than receive plenty of backlash from the NBA, media, and social media, where his ownership status is now very much in jeopardy. Lastly, moving forward to Game six where Klay Thompson who was on fire, suffered a catastrophic injury of his own by tearing his ACL late in the third quarter putting him out for at least 12 months, sheesh!

Klay Thompson suffers ACL injury in Game Six

The bottom line is a whole lot went wrong for Golden State and a whole lot went right for the Raptors, not only during the playoffs but during the summer last year, as its important to note that the lion-share of the Raptors success is on Team President Masai Ujiri

Toronto Raptors President Masai Ujiri celebrates defeating the Golden State Warriors and winning the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy

as he rolled the dice last season with his beyond “ballsy” trade that sent Demar Derozan to San Antonio for Kawhi Leonard whom many including myself was on the fence with that move, due to Kawhi Leonard being a potential “rental” as he is an unrestricted free agent as of July 1st coupled with his health being in question as he only appeared in nine games with the San Antonio Spurs last year due to injury. My initial thought was the only way Kawhi

Kawhi Leonard holding up the NBA Finals MVP award

was going to resign with Toronto was if they made an appearance in the NBA Finals, well they did me one better, Kawhi and the Raptors won the whole damn thing! So I’m pretty confident he’s staying, and I think its conceivable to say that Masai isn’t done tinkering with this Raptors roster. Stay tuned as its going to be a busy summer!

Raptors Championship team photo

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