Utah Jazz Win Big In The Mike Conley Trade (Video)

Mike Conley Trade

For the most part of Mike Conley’s career (10 seasons thus far) his talent has gone under the radar, and after being traded to one of the leagues smaller markets the Utah Jazz, he won’t see a huge uptick but he will see an improvement.

This trade is a big win for the Utah Jazz, when you factor that Mike Conley Jr. is a facilitator and extremely steady at the point guard position which bodes well for the Utah Jazz young star two guard Donovan Mitchell and their 7’1 shot-blocking beast of a centre Rudy Gobert and their other pieces such as Joe Ingles.

The West is now wide open as Golden State are down two superstars next season, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson out for the entire 2019-2020 season due to injury, the Houston Rockets are a mess as Chris Paul and James Harden are beefing so its looking like that tandem is going to be severed. The Spurs are no longer the threat they once were as “The Fun Guy” Kawhi Leonard is doing his thing in the 6ix.

Peep the trade reactions from ESPN


With this move I have the Jazz 3rd in the West, one above Denver at #4, #2 Portland, and #1 the LA Lakers.

What are your thoughts about this move? Do you think this move makes the Jazz that much better? Comment below.

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