Dennis Rodman on Draymond Green: “He’d Be Eating Out of My Hands” (Video)

At we love revisiting the past and bringing it back out today, that’s why we love and sell throwback apparel. Dennis Rodman let Draymond Green have it, when Green said he was the greatest defender of all-time. When asked about that on ESPN First Take, The Worm (Dennis Rodman) replied: “He’d Be Eating Out of My Hands”.

Draymond Green as great of a defender that he is, I have Kawhi Leonard as the top defender since 2014. To all the young heads who never witnessed “The Worm” do his thing back in the day? “The Worm” maybe the only player in NBA history who could guard all 5 positions. It didn’t matter who was on the court whether it was, “His Airness”, “Magic”, “The Mailman”, Hakeem Olajuwan, David Robinson, Ewing, Pippen, Larry Bird, Shaq, Dennis Rodman went toe to toe with all of these greats many times, and most times he came out on top, and that’s why Rodman is not only the greatest defensive player but the greatest on “the boards” of all-time too.

Peep the Video!


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2 thoughts on “Dennis Rodman on Draymond Green: “He’d Be Eating Out of My Hands” (Video)

  1. Denis Rodman is not lying though. NBA is soft now. With lame fouls. Isaiah Thomas was punching people for real. Jordan is the biggest bully of all times. He spared no one, not even his teammates. Scottie Pippen is underrated for real and Rodman vs Green. Rodman is just a tronger, both mentally and physically. Green would get 2 technical fouls in the first 5 mins…Cry baby. 90’s bulls and era over all these guys. Real recognize real. Denis Rodman is a real savage. He’s been through a lot and not only managed to survive but also thrive. Grenn < the worm

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