Lakers Alex Caruso is wanted by every NBA Team

It’s safe to say that when L.A. Lakers point guard Alex Caruso becomes a free agent he is going to get paid, as he is wanted by every NBA team according to a Lakers coach.

Lakers assistant coach Mike Penberthy spoke with Lakers Daily for an interview published on Thursday. In the interview, Penberthy talked about how desirable Caruso was for other teams.

“Every time we wanted to do a trade in the offseason or before the trade deadline, every team wanted Alex Caruso,” Penberthy told Lakers Daily. “He’s known throughout the league and respected throughout the league.

“I think his basketball I.Q. is really high. His NBA skill set is very high. He’s an above-average athlete and he’s an excellent defender. That’s what makes him so good.”

Caruso, 26, just completed his third season with the Lakers. The young guard averaged 5.5 points, 1.9 rebounds, 1.9 assists and 1.1 steals per game in the regular season. He averaged 6.5 points per game during the postseason and was part of the Lakers’ championship team.

Caruso is under contract with the Lakers through this upcoming season and set to become a free agent after that. He is a major fan favorite peep his “Taco Tuesday” ad below.

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