Steve Ballmer Considering Bitcoin at New Clippers Arena

Los Angeles Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer has joined the long list of famous Billionaires to endorse Bitcoin, as he is strongly considering Bitcoin as a form of payment upon completion of his new Clippers Arena.

Ballmer has mentioned several times his aim is for his new Clippers home to be the NBA’s premier arena of the future, as it only makes sense to incorporate current emerging and future trends such as Bitcoin.



In an interview with the New York Times, Steve Ballmer touched on the possibility of accepting Bitcoin in the Clippers new Inglewood arena:

Render of LA Clippers Billion Dollar plus future arena

The speed in which the new Clippers arena is moving at, coupled with it being extremely state of the art. By the time of completion in 2024, the Los Angeles Lakers current home down the road The Staples Center is going to be a relic of sorts compared to this new facility.



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